Aug 222008

Tuesday 19th August was truly a sad day in Victoria as the Bill to legalise abortion was presented the Victorian parliament. The details of the Bill are horrendous. It is a time for us all to work hard for the defeat of this bill.

I had the privilege to attend a public lecture given by Eoghan De Faoite on “Defending the unborn in the Republic of Ireland”.  Eoghan has organised and led nationwide pro-life information tours, directed highly effective political lobbying campaigns, and motivated the youth of Ireland to speak out against abortion.  Youth Defence is the most active pro-life group in Ireland, defending the rights of the unborn child. Youth Defence believe that life is a right not a privilege, and in doing so, they actively seek contitutional protection for the unborn child. Eoghan’s talk was highly inspirational and motivating and certainly spurred us on to fight this evil here in Victoria.

To learn more about Youth Defence go to TRUTH TV an informative, educational & inspirational site on the issues of abortion.
Closer to home we have the RIGHT TO LIFE organisation –

Right to Life Australia is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of human life, in any form. From an unborn child to the elderly, a human life has the right to live, despite what the world around us deems as ‘socially acceptable’.

There are a number of ways in which we can help defend the sanctity of human life. If you are able and willing to fight this Bill then the RIGHT TO LIFE site is good place to begin your campaign.

There are a number of outstanding web sites to visit. Here are only a few but more links are found at each site –

ABORTION TV  – for the facts about abortion.
MAKE A STAND – in response to important political issues.
WOMEN’S FORUM AUSTRALIA  – A group committed to promote the well-being, advancement and freedom of women.

With any huge battle about to rage it is important to increase our prayers, and storm heaven for help.

Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Help of Christians …. Pray for us.

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