Mar 222008

“Through Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, the victory of the Kingdom of God has been achieved once and for all. Nevertheless, the Christian life involves a struggle against temptation and the forces of evil. Only at the end of history will the Lord return in glory for the final judgement with the establishment of a new heavan and a new earth; but as long as time lasts, the struggle between good and evil continues even in the human heart itself”.

            Centimus Annus

“Christ, in revealing the love-mercy of God, at the same time demanded from people that they also should be guided in their lives by love and mercy. This requirement forms part of the very essence of the messianic message, and constitutes the heart of the Gospel ethos”.

            Dives In Misericordia

Forgiveness demonstates the presence in the world of the love which is more powerful than sin. Forgiveness is also the fundamental condition for reconciliation, not only in the relationship of God with man, but also in relationships between people. A world from which forgiveness was eliminated would be nothing but a world of cold and unfeeling justice, in the name of which each person would claim his or her own right vis-a vis others …”

            Dives In Misericordia

                                                  Pope John Paul II

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