Feb 282009

Every year on Clean Up Australia Day, thousands fo people get out and about around Australia to clean up our streets. This year an extra type of cleaning up will be in progress – a new campaign “Say NO to Sexual Advertisements”  will hit our streets.

From The Catholic Weekly –  

The petition, started by Melbourne university student Matthew Restall and supported by The Catholic Weekly, will then be presented to members of parliament in both states.

“On Clean Up Australia day, the Australian community will have the opportunity to express their opinion on what they believe is suitable advertising for the sides of our roads and vehicles,” Mr Restall said.

“It is clear by the enormous response to this petition by young people that Australia needs to be cleaned up.”

So far more than 10,000 people signed the petition, and hundreds more are expected to do so to help clean up Australia.

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This is a great sign from our young people. If you come across these petitions please sign them. I don’t know the locations where the volunteers will be but I do know that groups of volunteers will be organised out the front of Melbourne’s Parliament House between 11am and 3pm on the 1st March.

If you would like to volunteer to collect signatures please turn up out the front of Parliament House on Sunday March 1st. At 3.30pm the signatures will be given to a politician out the front of Parliament to be submitted on the next sitting date.

  4 Responses to “Clean Up Australia …. of Sexualised Advertisements”

  1. I am one one of the young people volunteered ring for this, in Sydney!
    Please support us by signing our pettition!

  2. Hi Rebecca, Thank you for stopping by. I only found out about this petition on Thursday & had been trying to get more info on it. A lot more signatures could have been collected if I’d known earlier. We have signed … I hope lots more have been collected. Advertising needs a huge clean up.

  3. I was going to put somethin on my blog too but couldn’t get enough info. hope they got lots of sigs in melb & syd

  4. I didn’t hear about this. I definitely would have signed the petition and most of my friends too.

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