Aug 032009



Outside my window

… Once again I’m typing this out at the end of the day so it’s dark outside and this time the blinds are down so can’t see outside. 

I am thinking

… about how we’ve got one month to go before we can wave goodbye to winter 🙂

I am thankful for

… the rain we’ve been getting – it’s a blessing…… we need lots more but we’re thankful for what we are receiving .


From the learning rooms

… From Bishop Fulton Sheen –

There are two philosophies:

  1. The Pagan Philosophy – party first, headache later.

  2. The Christian Philosophy – fast first, feast later.

From the kitchen

… beef stew, pasta & green salad.

I am wearing

… you really don’t want to know as it’s so boring …. but I was nicely dressed earlier in the day, lol.


I am creating

… oh dear, nothing.


 I am praying

… I’m still praying that I won’t lose ‘patient endurance’.



I am going


… to bed shortly.

I am reading

… nothing.

I am hoping

… the makeover in the garage will get completed soon because it’s taking way too long and this ongoing saga is getting to me.

I am hearing

… Father Corapi speaking on EWTN.

Around the house

… the garage makeover is on my brain at the moment so unfortunately the housework will have to wait a bit.

One of my favourite things...

… sunny days any time of year.


A few plans for the rest of the week:

A trade show to visit again; more work in the garage; need to pluck up the courage to make a dentist appointment; wash & clean the car.


`Here is a picture thought I am sharing


… Gorgeous roses we’ve enjoyed in the past.  The first photo was taken from a beautiful arrangement inside the chapel of Our Lady of the Angels.


….. yellow roses are so bright and happy!


… from our garden


… this one reminds me of frilly skirts.

… Don’t you just love roses!.


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  1. Love the rose pictures! They are awesome.

    Sunny days are one of my favorite things,too. I just feel better when the sun is shiny …

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