Feb 102009

 I have decided to start up a weekly sharing which I’ve named TUESDAY’S TREASURES; thanks to the Lord for His inspiration while I was sitting in the chapel of Our Lady of the Angels on the Holy Mountain of Praise.

We attend a weekly prayer & praise meeting, held each Tuesday on the Holy Mountain of Praise. This house of prayer was specially commissioned by God for the purpose of praisng God and praying for the nations.  As the praises go up, the blessings come down and flow out to all the world. Each Tuesday we gather there to do His will. We are always given a teaching – His word to us for that day. The teachings are always based on scripture and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

This is where our homeschooling friends gather – we’ve done this for approximately 10 years (previously the meetings were held in Melbourne each Tues) and continue to do so.

The Word is so powerful and theLord is so good and I feel it’s time to share with you some of these words and teachings from our Tuesday meetings. These meetings have been dubbed Precious Tuesdays because so many special, wonderful & awesome things have been done by the Lord on these days; but I will call this sharing with you TUESDAY’S TREASURES because the Word of God is a real treasure full of love, hope, comfort, healing and encouragement.

I hope you will find these shaings encouraging and enjoyable to read. I look forward to bringing them to you each week on Tuesday night after I return home from the Holy Mountain of Praise.

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