Mar 212008

Good Friday is the most solemn time in the church’s season. It is a time when we remember & reflect on Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross making it possible for the salvation of All peoples. It is a time for forgiveness & mercy, for repentant hearts to turn to the Lord. It is a time when we reflect on the great love that one can have for another – a selfless love, an unconditional love, that Jesus Christ has for us all.

So today, we solemnly reflect on the Lord’s love for us. We kneel in homage to the cross of Christ and we share in his pain & sorrow. We bring to mind our own sinfulness and ask forgiveness.

We remember Jesus and all that He had said and done in the presence of the apostles. We rememer His love, His words, and the hope we have in the cross. 

“The power of Christ’s Cross and Resurrection is greater than any evil which man could or should fear”.

“Awareness of our own sinfulness, including that which is inherited, is the first condition for salvation; the next is the confession of this sin before God, who desires only to receive this confession so that He can save man. To save means to embrace and lift up with redemptive love, with love that is always greater than any sin”.   

          Pope John Paul II – Crossing the Threshold of Hope.

God Bless


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