Jan 192009

I received one of those emails today titled ‘Dog Logic’. Of course it had lots of cute photos and captions but this was my favourite one. I love pups – aren’t they just gorgeous with their wiggling noses!! It makes me want to pick them all up for a cuddle …. one at a time of course. Isn’t God good to us, to give us such adorable creatures to love and enjoy.

  4 Responses to “Sniffing You Out …. ‘Cos We Like You!”

  1. While holding a fussy newborn, I have been exploring your blog and I have to say you have a great knack for finding unique pictures, especially of Mary! I just love the various ones you have on this blog!

    Christi aka mum2twelve

  2. Thank you Christi. There are many beautiful paintings around. I’m planning on setting up a page specifically for the beautiful pictures I find 🙂

  3. They are so cute and cuddly

  4. they are so cute!

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