Feb 042009

Aussie homeschoolers can you help? It’s not for me but for a family who are trying to make a decision about homeschooling. I don’t know this family personally but I have ‘met’ them via BidMate Auctions (an Aussie auction site) where I have set up a store. This has come up in the forums there. I believe they live in Queensland but I’m not sure. I have given them my thoughts to try & help out their situation.

What I’m looking for is for any other homeschoolers out there who may like to offer them some help/encouragement/thoughts/ideas and maybe some useful links. If you think you’d like to help in some way please take a look here at the forum discussion so far. The member is Bumblebee (I’m known as Timeless Treasures).

I just thought that if there were others who could join in this thread with some useful information or encouragement it may help them. They have a deadline of 9th Feb to decide – something to do with fees or similar. I don’t know what their background is so they may or may not be Catholic … or anything.

You don’t need to be registered with the site to read the posts but you do need to be registered to write posts. If you’d prefer not to register but would like to help I’d be happy for you to write it here & I could pass it on.

If you’re not a homeschooler reading this but know some homeschoolers, please pass this on to them. Many thanks in advance.

  2 Responses to “Calling Aussie Homeschooling Families”

  1. Hi Am a home school Mum in Regency Downs Qld
    Willing to talk to anyone and share my thoughts.

  2. Hi I would like to homeschool my 2 boys going into highschool in the Catholic tradition. Have heard mentioned, St Anne’s Homeschooling who meet monthly at the Marian Valley, Cunungra Qld. Would love to hear from someone involved with this group. My number: 0754 632894

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