Jan 212008

It’s amazing how this tag line came about. When playing around with ideas & enlisting the help of co-members at the Business Mums Network during a brainstorming session, these were the words that felt just right to use. They came to me originally referring to the exclusive range of decorative items from EP Designs. This tag line would suit so wonderfully to what Precious Treasures was meant to be.

“Inspiring, Elegant, Beautiful” not only describes the exclusive decorative art works produced by me, Elena Perrotta (EP Designs), but also the words of  love, hope & encouragement which comes directly from the World of God, and written on each exclusive piece.  This work will be exclusive because of His eternal Word and a revelation of the creative gift He has given to me. There will be a special ‘something’ about each work – an inspiring message, an elegance in design and a beautiful reminder of God’s gifts to treasure.

God Bless

Elena Perrotta

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