Dec 062008

I’ve been tagged by Therese from Aussie Coffee Shop

According to the rules, I have to post six things that make me really happy … and pass it on to give six more people a reason to be thankful!

Here are my 6 things – they’re not in order of preference …..

1.  Good Quality chocolate

2.  A good cup of Real Coffee (espresso)

3.  Painting and creating

4.  Warm sunny days

5.  Going out with my son

6.  Magnificent sunsets

I’m tagging the following –

Leanne from Roses, Tea and Our Lady

Tania from Out Back

Tricia from Do Whatever He Tells You

Elisabeth from Elisa With Love

Esther from A Catholic Mom in Hawaii

Mrs L from At The Wellsprings of Traditional Life

  One Response to “Six Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. Elena, I loved your answers!! I didn’t know you painted. Have you posted any of your work online?
    BTW, thanks for the tag.

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