Jun 162009

At today’s Prayer & Praise Meeting this following scripture was shared. The words are so beautiful ……..

Listen to me, you devout children of mine and blossom like a rosebush on a stream bank. Bloom like a sweet-smelling lily and send your fragrance into the air like incense. Sing the Lord’s praises and thank Him for all that He has done. Proclaim His glory in grateful praise!….

…… Everything made by the Lord is good; He meets every need at the proper time. No one can claim that some things are worse than others, for everything is good in its proper place. Now then, sing praises with all your heart, and praise the name of the Lord!

This is taken from Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) chapter 39, verses13-15 and 33-35, but the whole chapter speaks of how good everything is that the Lord has done, His wisdom and also of people who devote themselves to the gaining of wisdom ….

It is their practice to get up early and pray aloud to the Lord their creator, asking the Most High to forgive their sins. Then, if the great Lord is willing, they will be filled with understandng. They will pour out a steam of wise sayings and give thanks to the Lord in prayer. The will have knowledge to share and good advice to give, as well as insight into the Lord’s secrets.

Sirach 39: 5-7

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