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roses1.jpgPro-Life marches and prayer vigils were the only events I took part in to fight against abortion – I never thought I was ‘brave’ enough to go further and take part in an attempted ‘shut down’ of an abortion clinic. Well, this morning I did along with another 70-80 pro life activists (including children and babies).

It was peaceful and prayerful and we managed to shut down the clinic for a few hours until police stepped in ……. we continued on in prayer before leaving the site for the next protest at Federation Square. Unfortunately Vincent & I had to leave after this demonstration but the others continued on in front of Flinders Street Station and along the Princes Bridge where they unfurled a banner over the side of the bridge.

This may seem a useless exercise to some but the youth are here to stay. They are growing in numbers and will continue their campaign to end abortion.

As usual the media coverage isn’t the best and not complete. This time they are trying to remain ‘neutral’ – You can read a couple of fairly simple reports in The Age and Herald Sun 

We must not give up – we must continue ……

…. to stand against abortion and to protect Victorian women and their children from these crimes.

We are not going away because while they kill children in Victoria, we will continue to stand up against the people that murder our youth here and who victimise and betray our women. Prue Neiderding – founder and leader of Youth for Life

  3 Responses to “Pro-Life Activists On The Call Of Duty”

  1. There will come a day when everyone will realise the truths and facts of abortion, how devestatingly it leaves women, and the lies that the abortion industry hide. A day will come when abortion will be regarded as the biggest mistake in modern history.

  2. God bless you! One day I will be out on the forefront as well. Right now I have a toddler who goes everywhere with me and I’m a bit nervous in case something should go wrong.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, you have your hands full for now. Prayers are always needed so we can fight this evil even whilst doing our chores at home.

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