Sep 122008

The time is ripe for a pro-life youth movement and the youth of Australia, fresh from WYD in Sydney are fired up and ready for action. Empowered by the Holy Spirit they will fight for the unborn, the weak and vulnerable in our communitites. The group states –

We are youth who care about our country and our communities. Driven by our desire for people to know the truth on important issues such as abortion, we strive to get the truth out there, because so many people are misinformed and will suffer because of it.

Youth for Australia are currently acceptings members on XT3 an official World Youth Day Social Networking site. You need to register to be able to participate in the activites here – is a site to help you connect with other young people interested in knowing more about the Catholic faith, to plug in to the Church and get to know what’s going on in your area. Whether you went to WYD or not, use Xt3 to connect with millions, make new friends, and keep in touch. You don’t have to be a Catholic, all you need to sign up is an email address.

Come along and join this enthusiastic group and take part in the fight for life.

  4 Responses to “Youth For Australia on XT3”

  1. This group is a wonderful idea. I wish it all the best.

  2. Thank you. These youth are ‘On Fire’ since WYD08 and they are determined to make this a successful pro life group.

  3. Wow that’s so wonderful! 🙂
    Lovely blog you have. Keep up the good work! 😀

  4. Thank you Charity Therese 🙂

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