Feb 242009

 In Praise of God’s Goodness

Psalm 34: 12-14

Would you like to enjoy life?

Do you want long life and happinss?

Then keep from speaking evil and from telling lies.

Turn away from evil and do good; strive for peace with all your heart.

Always speak positively with words of encouragement.

Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘white lie’ – a lie is a lie no matter what colour you’d like to paint it.

Peace for the world begins with peace in our hearts …. it will then flow to our families … which then flows to our neighbours …. whcih flows to our world.

Always doing good for others will keep us from temptations.

Psalm 34: 18

The Lord is near to those who are discouraged;

He saves those who have lost all hope

During times like these when many may feel so helpless in helping the bushfire victims, firefighters & volunteers, Remember that even the smallest prayer is heard by our Heavenly Father. Your prayers will bring the Lord near to those who are discouraged; your prayers will help save those who have lost all hope.

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  2. This is all so true. prayer and helping others especially those in need are soem ways we can do our part. Those of us who can may also volunteer to help at the recovery centres set up for the bushfire victims.

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