Apr 282009


Outside my window

… it’s been raining heavily and the sun has just managed to peek through the clouds. Everything outside is glistening…. but doesn’t look like it will last long.

I am thinking

… of how quickly winter cold has come during autumn and although I’m so happy to see plenty of rain finally falling, I wish the cold would hold off a little longer.

I am thankful for

… my wonderful son whom my Lord has given to me.

From the learning rooms

… although our homeschooling is finished we’re finding that life is an ongoing classroom.

From the kitchen

…  a fresh pot of organic coffee is percolating and the aroma is wafting through the house … mmmm, I’ve already had a cup of tea but now I’m looking forward to a hot cup of coffee.

I am wearing

… a black skirt with long sleeve magenta coloured top, white spotted long, black ‘over the knee’ socks and brown ankle boots.

I am creating

… a new interior for the garage. It’s a conversion from a hoarder’s storage area to my new creative space.

I am praying for

… my friend Therese who is in Rome and then goes on to Canada.

I am going

… to stay indoors today.

I am reading

… only snippets of various things.

I am hoping

… to meet more new blogging friends.

I am hearing

… the wind howling around the house. Not a day for going oudoors.

Around the house

…there’s a mound of ironing to do and the kitchen floor needs a mop.

One of my favourite things...

…a gorgeous orange/red sunset.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

I need to check out an exercise place called Contours. I’ll be joining up with a local walking group so weather permitting I’ll do my first ‘walk’ with them tomorrow. Finish inserting the ceiling insulation in the garage.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing

 If you would like to join in, please visit Peggy, who hosts The Simple Woman’s Daybook, and also check out other Daybook entries.

  4 Responses to “Simple Woman’s Daybook”

  1. Your always welcome to come to Port Augusta and meet us Elena. We would be happy to find somewhere for you to sleep here at our house too.

  2. I love your post! The picture is inviting ,all that yummy food!
    I to love to make blog friends! Thanks for stopin’ by my blog!


  3. It’s lovely ‘meeting’ bloggers from all round the world. Thank you for dropping by.

  4. Ooh, how delicious it looks and very tempting.

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