Sep 112008

The Legislative Assembly voted 47 to 35 to support the Abortion Law Reform Bill. This was a closer-than-expected result but not what we wanted to happen. There is still a chance the Bill won’t get passed when it goes to the Upper House vote.

We must continue to pray and do our utmost to contact politicians urging them to vote against this Bill in its entirety. It is not too late to do what you can – Please contact your Regional Members.

There is a step by step guide here if you need help.
A list of the Members of the Legislative Council, by Election Region can be found here.

Hand write letters, phone them, visit them. They will vote on the 8th or 9th October. The 40 member vote will be extremely close. For us to defeat the Bill we need 20 votes – you and everyone you know must contact these Upper House Members, especially those identified as ‘key votes’. But don’t stop with your Regional Members, contact as many as possible.

  2 Responses to “Abortion Bill Makes It Through Lower House”

  1. I am praying everyday that this bill doesn’t make it through the upper house.

  2. Thank you Therese.

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