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On Saturday 8th August, Australia celebrated the anniversary of Blessed Mary Mackillop’s death. Mary is our First Australian Saint. She Co-founded Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart 1866.
8th August 1909
19th January 1995

Here is an article published by the Australian Catholic Leader  titled Mary Mackillop – True Australian Hero, that you may like to read.

More details of her story is available at the Sisters of St Joseph web site.

Some of Mary’s quotes –

Try always to be generous with God – 1882

Be calm and full of hope – 1881

There where you are you will find God – 1871

God gives me strength for what is necessary – 1907

God’s love is too deep for words to express – 1870

Many things that seemed unaccountable worries have proved indeed to be hidden blessings – 1870

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  6. I’m from Ballarat – I like these quotes.

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