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My EP Designs blog has been nominated for it’s first ever blog award. The Australia’s Favourite Blog By A Business Mum Awards is being conducted by the Business Mums Network.  It was an unexpected but pleasant surprise when I received notification of the nomination from Melissa.

Blogs with the most nominations in each category will be selected as finalists.  So before voting begins I need to be selected as a finalist. I’d love for you to visit EP Designs and see what you think about it. If you like it please click on the ‘Nominate My Blog’ button in the sidebar (top) and fill in the details. The category for my blog is Women/Lifestyle.

Prizes will be awarded to those who nominate a blog, vote for a blog, as well as the winners in each category.  

Nominations will close on Friday 25th September.

 Voting opens on Monday 5th October.


Let me know what you think!


  2 Responses to “EP Designs – Blog Award Nomination.”

  1. That is wonderful Elena.

    I have voted for you and hope you win.

  2. Thank you Therese.

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