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The bushfires in Victoria are too incredible. The whole thing seems almost unreal …. and yet it is very real. We have had relatives overseas and interstate phone us to make sure we’re ok. We are ok. The fires have reached the outer suburbs of Melbourne – the latest one in Ivanhoe apparently lit by another arsonist.

This is such a sad thing to happen. So many lives lost. And yet, amidst this horrific  and frightening event we have something special being aroused – the Australian spirit. This is not new. Australians have always opened their hearts to help others in a disaster such as the current bushfires. Where there is devestation and loss and people are in need Aussies have an amazing ability to put aside all thoughts of themselves and with great compassion channel their energies to help those who are desperately in need.

We’re all affected – we all feel it. Everyone comes out to do whatever they can.

Prayers are important – continual prayers – for the victims and for all the essential services and volunteers…. and also for those who lit the fires or are planning to light more. And of course, don’t forget the wildlife – all part of God’s creation, little creatures who in the end were totally helpless – they’re gone and so is their habitat.

If only we would understand how much we need each other – not just in times of need but day by day.

Yesterday (Thurs) St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne was packed. People gathered for mass to pray for the Repose of the Souls of the Victims of Bushfire and Spiritual Support of Those who are Suffering.  Archbishop Denis Hart at the end said –

What will come of this is the sense that we do need each other, and how much we can do when we work together. 

Lord, in your great love and mercy help us to always be selfless, kind, generous and loving towards our neighbours. Comfort those who have lost much, heal those who are injured and in pain. Holy Spirit, pour out your grace on this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. Grant to all conversion of life , a deeper faith, and love for all. Enable us to build a new civilisation of life, love and truth.    Amen.

If you would like to make a donation towards the bushfire appeal please go to

AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS – Victorian Bushfire Appeal

Please keep your prayers going.

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