Apr 242016

There are a number of paintings depicting the Madonna del Buon Consiglio, (Our Lady of Good Counsel). I hadn’t given much thought or had much interest until my visit to Italy. After waiting a number of years to return to Italy I was able to get there in 2013 and kept it simple with a visit to Rome, Assisi and Abruzzo (for a short visit with relatives). It was mainly a pilgrimage for me, although I preferred to call myself a Pilgrim/Tourist on that trip.

On my visit to Assisi I came across a small painting on display at the Sacro Convento Museum at the Basilica of San Francesco. It immediately caught my eye and I fell in love with it. It was a beautiful depiction of Our Lady of Good Counsel painted by Pasquale Sarullo. Sarullo (1828 – 1893) was a 19th-century Franciscan friar, priest and artist. He was from Ciminna, in the province of Palermo, Italy; his work was appreciated by his contemporaries and had an international circulation. I can’t find detailed information about this artist or images of other works he painted but his painting of Our Lady of Good Counsel is a popular one, and I came home with a souvenir of Our Lady of Good Counsel – a small plaque with the image by Sarullo.

Our Lady of Good Counsel by Sarullo

Our Lady of Good Counsel by Sarullo

Devotion to the Mother of Good Counsel is associated with the story of a miraculous icon. The sacred image is found in a church in Genazzano, a beautiful town on a hill, south-east of Rome. The church dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel was built there in the fourth century. The fresco image was painted on a sheet of plaster that was very thin and delicate. It has survived through the centuries, withstanding several earthquakes and the bombing during World War II. Even though altars and walls around it were destroyed and the roof caved in, the icon was not destroyed.

Our Lady of Good Counsel fresco at Genazzano Italy

Our Lady of Good Counsel fresco at Genazzano Italy

The icon at Genazzano is approximately 30 centimetres wide and 46 centimetres high. The Christ Child nestles close to his mother. Mary supports Jesus with her left arm. She bends her head toward him, and their cheeks touch tenderly. The left hand of Jesus gently grasps the rim of her dress, indicating the intimacy of nursing……reflecting Mary’s concern for both Jesus and his Church. It is the most famous fresco in Augustinian possession. There is an annual feast day on 26th April.

Madonna del Buon Consiglio by Sarullo

Madonna del Buon Consiglio by Sarullo

This is the painted version by Sarullo that I was drawn to… it’s beautiful, and I love it.

Mar 212009

My very own framed print … isn’t She beautiful ….

I actually purchased the framed print & received it just after Christmas but I have only managed to photograph it now so I could post the pic for you.

It is such a blessing to have this beautiful picture in our home. My print has been blest by Bishop Christopher Prowse, and the Rosary beads (my World Youth Day Rosary) has also been blessed by the Bishop …. so it’s all so extra special for us.

Since my post last year on the painting of Our Lady of the Southern Cross there has been a great interest from visitors to my blog, and I have received a number of queries. If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself  this is where you can find the framed print.


Feb 212009

Must be time to display another beautiful painting.

This one is titled Our Lady of the Angels

Our Lady of the Angels

by William Bouguereau

A copy of this beautiful painting is hanging in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels on the Holy Mountain of Praise in Carngham. It’s an exquisite artwork reproduced as a canvas print.

I don’t have any information on Our Lady of the Angels but I do know of a tiny little chapel in Assisi which stands inside a Basilica.

Early in his life about 1212, St. Francis of Assisi was given a small, ruined chapel by the Benedictines for his repair and eventual use near Assisi, where he later died. It was on a very small piece of property, a small portion—a ‘porziuncola’ in Italian. Later on, this place of worship became a centre of pilgrimage, devotion and repentance. A fresco was painted on the wall behind the altar depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary surrounded by angels. Thus the chapel, which is now surrounded and sheltered by a monumental Papal Basilica, took the name: ‘Saint Mary of the Angels at the Little Portion’.

Don’t you think this is a beautiful painting?

Dec 062008


I’ve had a number of bloggers asking me if I knew where to buy prints of Our Lady of the Southern Cross. This beautiful painting of Our Lady has made a huge impression on many people. At the time of writing my post about the painting I didn’t know whether or not there were any prints available. I only had postcard size pictures given to me by a friend who was working in the WYD office in Sydney.

But recently I came across a blog Roses, Tea and Our Lady  which showed a photo of a child next to a framed picture of Our Lady of the Southern Cross so I enquired about it.

If anyone is wanting a print for themselves I have also found this picture at The Catholic Weekly

This is the specific link for the framed print of Our Lady of the Southern Cross.

I’ve ordered one for myself but I haven’t received it yet. They have had a high demand for this print so it’s taking approx. 5 weeks to delivery it.

I guess it’s only a matter of time before more sizes become available, but I can’t wait – I’m happy for this one to arrive 🙂

Oct 252008

I’ve added this beautiful picture to my sidebar. Painted by William Bouguereau in the late 19th century, this beautiful image depicts Our Lady holding the Christ Child in her right arm and a spotless lamb in her left.

William Bouguereau was a famous portrait artist born in La Rochelle France on November 30,1825. He followed the classical style of 16th century painters such as Raphael.

I don’t know a great deat about this artist but I certainly recognise many of his works. I’ve done a search to find out more but there are pages and pages to read. He completed a large number of works in his lifetime, some of which I wouldn’t post here for lack of modesty. I know that some people may cringe at my comment believing me to be unappreciative of his talent and of ‘art’ – far from it – his gift was an amazing one & his paintings are magnificent but I choose to select specific works of my liking.

L’Innocence (above) is one of them, and Song of the Angels (below) is another.

Song of the Angels
Oil on canvas

I will post more of his beautiful works in the days to come.