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Aug 072009

Three things happened while reading a few passages in Numbers ch.11. The first is that I got a bit of a giggle…. the second thing was discovering there are two types of complaining …. the third was a warning. The Lord does have a ‘funny’ sense of humour at times and this occasion is one of them even though He wasn’t too happy with the Israelites complaining at every opportunity since their exodus from Egypt.

In Numbers 11:4-6 we read about the complaints about not having meat to eat in the dessert –

There were foreigners travelling with the Israelites. They had a strong craving for meat and even the Israelites themselves began to complain “If only we could have some meat! In Egypt we used to eat all the fish we wanted and it cost us nothing. “

Their complaints didn’t stop with not having meat to eat – they also had a bit of a whinge about everything else they missed….

Remember the cucumbers, the watemelons, the leeks, the onions and the garlic we had? But now our strength is gone. There is nothing at all to eat – nothing but this manna day after day.

Moses also had something to complain about. He was feeling rather distressed about all the complaining of the Israelites – and he said to the Lord ….

V: 11-14. Why have you treated me so badly? Why are you displeased with me? Why have you given me the responsibility for all these people? I didn’t create them or bring them to birth! Why should you ask me to act like a nurse and carry them in my arms like babies all the way to the land you promised to their ancestors? Where could I get enough meat for all these people They keep whining and asking for meat. I can’t be responsible for all these people by myself; it’s too much for me!

Moses’ complaint was a ‘crying out’ from the heart. On his part this was a ‘pleading’ to the Lord for help…. and a reminder that this was really God’s problem. God did come to his help but he was not happy with the Israelites’ complaints.

So why should we be careful if we insist on complaining (ie whinge and moan about things)? Read what God told Moses to say to the people ……

V: 18-20. Now tell the people, ‘Purify yourselves for tomorow; you will have meat to eat. The Lord has heard you whining and saying that you wished you has some meat and that you were better off in Egypt. Now the Lord will give you meat, and you will have to eat it. You will have to eat it not just for one or two days, or five, or ten, or even twenty days, but for a whole month, until it comes out of your ears, until you are sick of it.’

….. Just might make me think twice before I start complaining about anything.

Feb 042009

Aussie homeschoolers can you help? It’s not for me but for a family who are trying to make a decision about homeschooling. I don’t know this family personally but I have ‘met’ them via BidMate Auctions (an Aussie auction site) where I have set up a store. This has come up in the forums there. I believe they live in Queensland but I’m not sure. I have given them my thoughts to try & help out their situation.

What I’m looking for is for any other homeschoolers out there who may like to offer them some help/encouragement/thoughts/ideas and maybe some useful links. If you think you’d like to help in some way please take a look here at the forum discussion so far. The member is Bumblebee (I’m known as Timeless Treasures).

I just thought that if there were others who could join in this thread with some useful information or encouragement it may help them. They have a deadline of 9th Feb to decide – something to do with fees or similar. I don’t know what their background is so they may or may not be Catholic … or anything.

You don’t need to be registered with the site to read the posts but you do need to be registered to write posts. If you’d prefer not to register but would like to help I’d be happy for you to write it here & I could pass it on.

If you’re not a homeschooler reading this but know some homeschoolers, please pass this on to them. Many thanks in advance.

Nov 162008

I know there are many beautiful people out there and it’s those honest and beautiful people that we don’t hear about because it’s not ‘sensational news’. I thank my God for these people all over the world.

The other day my son came home on the bus from a trip to the shops. He hadn’t noticed that he had dropped his wallet on the bus until he received a phone call. This phone call was from a lady in admin at Open University. Vincent didn’t have any ID in his wallet but he did have his Open Uni card (He’s not at uni yet but took open uni units in place of VCE subjects for year 12). The young adult who found his wallet went home but as there was no contact info he decided to phone Open Uni to tell them he had found Vincent’s wallet.

Isn’t that amazing. It shouldn’t be I know, it should be the ‘normal’ thing to do. My son didn’t have much in his wallet except a small amount of cash and a few cards which, as you know, any card that needs replacing usually brings on ‘headaches’ all around.

It was such a kind and honest thing for this young man to do. Vincent, on collecting his wallet later that evening, offered the young man (whom Vincent described as being around 18 yrs) the small amount of cash he had as a thank you – he was relieved and thankful that someone so honest found his wallet. He didn’t want to take it from Vincent but eventually he graciously accepted.

Many people will complain about our youth and I know there are many youth out there who are ‘lost’ and in need of prayer, help and guidance. We do hear about them in the media. It’s those lovely, honest, helpful youth we don’t here about – they are like the ‘quiet achievers’ who go about doing good unnoticed.

I think they are worthy of the acknowledgement of their good deeds from time to time, as an encouragement to them to keep doing good.

God Bless them and their families.

Oct 312008

 I know that the Lord’s protection is always around us and it’s good to give Him thanks and praise everyday. Last night I went along to Holy Hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament, at Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral (it’s on every Thurs night). There were five of us from our parish of St Anthony – all girls – so we decided to go out for a meal afterwards. We got into my car and I began to pull out of the parking spot. My car stalled, which is not big news,lol, – I thought it was a bit odd – not something that happens to me usually but didn’t give it any more thought and moved on. Approx. 50 metres down the road I see a car fly past in front of me very fast – he didn’t stop at the give way sign but went on ahead. I managed to stop in time narrowly missing him …. my jaw just dropped – all I could say was “praise you Jesus”. The others in the car were the same.

Then a few minutes later, one of the girls pointed out to me that if my car hadn’t stalled we would have been hit directly by that car … on my right.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. The Lord’s protection was well and truly with us last night. We had just been in His presence and it was a beautiful time with Him. Would He not have watched over us, as He always does?

How many times do we not know that we were in any danger, yet protected? ….. We are always thankful to the Lord because His mighty Love and Mercy endures forever.

Thank you Jesus. Praise you Lord.

Oct 202008

A newly formed pro-life youth group called Youth 4 Life has released their first pro-life video. My son, founder of Youth for Australia, was present at this march and has been in contact with this group. They are working together to wage war on Victorian politicians who voted for the decriminalisation of abortion. Both groups will continue to build up their memberships as each has their own aims and dreams …. the pro-life message is one they dearly share.

Youth 4 Life video

If you are a young Australian reading this post and would love to join in the fight against abortion then do visit these blogs and make contact. There is no formal memebership form (so far, as it’s early days), but let them know if you wish to add your name to their group. They can then contact you when an event is planned.
Those of you who are young at heart please pass the message on to any youth you know who would love to join them.

Youth for Australia
Youth 4 Life

Sep 112008

The Legislative Assembly voted 47 to 35 to support the Abortion Law Reform Bill. This was a closer-than-expected result but not what we wanted to happen. There is still a chance the Bill won’t get passed when it goes to the Upper House vote.

We must continue to pray and do our utmost to contact politicians urging them to vote against this Bill in its entirety. It is not too late to do what you can – Please contact your Regional Members.

There is a step by step guide here if you need help.
A list of the Members of the Legislative Council, by Election Region can be found here.

Hand write letters, phone them, visit them. They will vote on the 8th or 9th October. The 40 member vote will be extremely close. For us to defeat the Bill we need 20 votes – you and everyone you know must contact these Upper House Members, especially those identified as ‘key votes’. But don’t stop with your Regional Members, contact as many as possible.

Sep 082008

The Freedom to be Born march brought out a few thousand people last Saturday. A well organised and peaceful march through the streets of Melbourne’s CBD. It was lovely to see a great mumber of youth also taking part. There were many wonderful slogans to try and get the message across to women, pro-abortion groups and of course our State politicians –

Abortion has two victims: one dead and one wounded.

Abortion the Culture of Death

The Consequences of Abortions are Worse than you Think

Student Drs say Don’t Force Innocent Blood on our Hands

If you don’t want babies, don’t mate

Support mothers not abortion

We’re not allowed to kill a posum in our roof but we can kill a baby in the womb?

The pro-abortion group (I know they prefer to be called pro-choice but to me that sounds contradictory as the unborn has no choice) turned up as we gathered around the steps of Parliament House. They were a small group of only about 100 or so, and making a lot of noise. I believe they were due to have there gathering at 1pm but decided to gatecrash the pro-life one instead. Unfortunately their manners matched their character as Madeleine spoke giving her testimony of her abortion experience as a young teen. If only the pro-abortion group would have stopped to listen to her they may have picked up on her pain & suffering.

I met many beautiful people on the march. One young girl held up a sign which she explained – her little brother was born at 25 weeks, and he survived. He is now eight years old. If a baby can survive such a premature birth how can anyone say he is not a ‘human being’? 

We will continue to fight on for life and against the decriminalisation of abortion. We must also work at ‘educating’ people about abortion – the facts and consequences of this procedure as well as the fact that science proves that a baby IS a human being from conception and although he/she needs their mother’s womb they are independant of her.

I won’t go into discussion and facts as there are many wonderful web sites where one can research and learn more, and where women can also find support. Please take a look at some of them.