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Jan 042010

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, filled with many blessings from the Lord.

Unfortunately I have been having both computer & blog problems. Both blogs have been hacked into, which had caused them to be blacklisted by Google. My apologies to all my visitors who may have received a warning message while trying to visit. I believe all has been cleared & Google has lifted the warning.

Now I need to tackle the computer – so as soon as these problems are fixed I’ll be back posting on Precious Treasures.

May God Bless you and keep you in His care. May His light shine upon you and may He give you peace.

I miss you all.

Dec 082009

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while – not intentionally though. I’ve been organising a giveaway on my EP Designs blog among other things and have run out of time each day. When homeschooling finished for us I thought I’d have extra time on my hands to do a whole list of things; but it’s just as busy, if not more, than when we were committed to homeschooling.

Now we’re heading towards Christmas at lightning speeds. I hope you all are doing well. I will try to visit you all before Christmas.

Oct 172009

There are 100,000+ babies aborted in Australia each year … that’s 100,000+ babies who are killed, torn limb by limb from their mother’s womb, suffering excruciating pain before they die. Then there are those who are born alive after a failed abortion and are left to die in a dish or the garbage bin.

Take a look at the MCG – 100,000 people will fill this sporting ground to capacity – that’s how many Austrlians will never be born to live their life, to love & be loved, to learn, to contribute to our society…….. teachers, doctors, scientists, great sportsmen/women, inventors,  social workers, performers, artists, charity workers …… we will never know them …… Australia will never be better off for having killed them..

Where are we heading?

Eliminating legal protection for some, weakens legal protection for everyone.

                                                            Peter Kavanagh MLC for Western Victoria.

If life is not respected from conception, how can life be respected at any stage ….. street bashings & violence is only the beginning….. but we can change this.

Oct 142009

Saturday the 10th October was the first anniversary of the Victorian Parliament passing the Abortion Law Reform Act – one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world. It’s a day we probably wouldn’t want to remember but we do because of the lives involved. In remembrance of this day a march was organised by  March For The Babies – their goal is to overturn this terrible law and provide full legal protection to our most vulnerable Victorians.

March for the Babies was established with the assistance of representatives from leading pro-life groups throughout Victoria. Our goal is to promote an annual day of remembrance and peaceful witness to affirm the right to life of every unborn child, assist women in crisis pregnancies and allow freedom of conscience for healthcare workers opposed to abortion

The march progressed peacefully from the Ftizroy Gardens along Flinders, Exhibition & Bourke streets towards Parliament House. Did you hear about it in the media? No? The media are not interested in giving air time to this matter nor are the newspapers. A march of this size is ignored …… However, the Pro-Life movement will not go away & pro-life activites will not stop. Eventually the public will learn the truth & the media will not be able to ignore this seriously imprtant issue.

More than 20,000 babies are killed in Victoria each year via abortion. This extreme Abortion Law Reform Act although passed in the State of Victoria does not isolate the remaining States & Territories from being next in line. Politicians are watching closely to see what happens here and how the people of Victoria react to this horrendous law.

Pro-Life movements have sprung up in huge numbers in victoria – I don’t know if having too many groups is a good or effective thing but one thing is for sure – we’re not going to sit quietly and forget about it …. and we won’t let the pro-abortion politicians forget about it either.

Following the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act, Life Vote was formed to campaign against the defeat pro-abortion MPs at the 2010 State election.   Hence the catch-cry Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote.

The numbers will increase as this cause will spread via word-of-mouth and the internet. Please visit the above web sites and offer your support in anyway possible.

Sep 092009

I discovered Salt and Light Television through a friend of mine who has been working and studying with them for the past 3 months. This Catholic TV network is based in Canada and was one of the fruits of World Youth Day Toronto 2002.

The theme for WYD Toronto was –

“You are the salt of the earth… You are the light of the world” (Mt 5,13-14)

… hence the name for this network.

It’s currently only available for Canadians but can be viewed online … and I believe they are working towards worldwide distribution. Salt and Light also produce film documentaries on the lives of saints – one of which I have seen on EWTN is of St Gianna –The Life of St. Gianna Beretta Molla.

Another documentary which speaks to the hearts of Australians is of Blessed Mary Mackillop. The film can be viewed online and is also available for purchase on DVD – it’s titled Mary Mackillop: Australia’s First Saint.

It’s wonderful to have these Catholic television networks overseas. Canada has Salt and Light; the USA has EWTN; Italy has Telepace ……. wouldn’t it be wonderful if one could be set up in Australia? Would it work here?

Jul 302009

A tiny article in today’s Herald Sun newspaper (Thurs 30th July 09) talks about the possible extinction of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. How can this be? According to the article the service is one step away from disappearing althogether.

The Victorian State Government did not renew the contract to run air ambulances in Victoria with RFDS. Instead they awarded it to Pel-Air which is majority-owned by an overseas company. This same company is also trying for the NSW contract. If they succeed it will spell the end of the RFDS. I can’t believe this is happening. What’s wrong with our politicians? They’re not content with destroying lives but seem hell bent on destroying anything worthwhile.

According to the Herald Sun web site  “The Premier said Qantas ran the service before the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the decision was based on money”.

Ahh! Of course it would have something to do with Money. We’ll pay less to a company whose profits will fly across the ocean and in turn endanger the existance of this amazing service established by the hard work and planning of John Flynn. The RFDS is a non profit organisation which relies on donations and sponsorships to keep it operating – a service which is available to anyone, anywhere in Australia for free. But it seems this is of no concern to the Brumby Governement.

Founder of the RFDS the Reverend John Flynn worked tirelessly for his dream to come to become a reality. I hope and pray it will not come to an end.

Royal Flying Doctor Service