Feb 212008

The prophet Jeremiah lived during the sixth century B.C.  His ministry was about warning God’s people of the catastrophe that was to fall upon the nation because of their idolatry and sin. He lived to see this prediction come true.

Jeremiah found no pleasure in pronouncing judgement upon his people – this was what the Lord was calling him to do. He loved his people dearly, and in many passages he spoke with deep emotion about the thing he suffered because God had called him to be a prophet. The word of he Lord was like fire within his heart- he could not keep it back.

Reading the writings of the prophets is like looking into a reflection of the world today. A repeat of history? The sins of ancient times are still prevalent today and running rife. What does the Lord say to us today? How do we respond, to His word, to the idea that we’re no different than nations of long ago?

Yet the Lord tells us through the prophet Jeremiah that He will bless the person who puts his trust in the Lord (Jer 17: 7-8).  Yes, the Lord wants to bless, not curse – but He looks at what we are doing & how we respond – to Him, to others, in our living.

What do you say?

God Bless

Elena Perrotta

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