Oct 172009

There are 100,000+ babies aborted in Australia each year … that’s 100,000+ babies who are killed, torn limb by limb from their mother’s womb, suffering excruciating pain before they die. Then there are those who are born alive after a failed abortion and are left to die in a dish or the garbage bin.

Take a look at the MCG – 100,000 people will fill this sporting ground to capacity – that’s how many Austrlians will never be born to live their life, to love & be loved, to learn, to contribute to our society…….. teachers, doctors, scientists, great sportsmen/women, inventors,  social workers, performers, artists, charity workers …… we will never know them …… Australia will never be better off for having killed them..

Where are we heading?

Eliminating legal protection for some, weakens legal protection for everyone.

                                                            Peter Kavanagh MLC for Western Victoria.

If life is not respected from conception, how can life be respected at any stage ….. street bashings & violence is only the beginning….. but we can change this.

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  1. This is so true, and very sad. Amber

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