Jan 192008

When the name Precious Treasures came about it was a perfect name to use to describe my more exclusive works.

Whoever had bought my work in the past would be so happy to own it. I think that with each piece being a one-of-a-kind work, it made owning the work even more appealing. My work (of EP Designs) developed in such a way that after years of creating decorative pieces, there was a huge mix of products. I eventually decided to separate my work & have an  ‘exclusive’ range. My more exclusive works now needed to be showcased as the classy and elegant decorative artworks they were becoming. And so, Precious Treasures was to be born …… but was this what the Lord had intended?

I went ahead with preparations for Precious Treasures (as I thought it was to be) However, there were many hold-ups along the way, which at first seemed a little annoying, but somehow deep inside I knew there was something more to learn about Precious Treasures. The Lord would give me ‘little snippets’ to add to my collection of information regarding this business ……… but was this going to be ‘my business’ or was it going to be the Lord’s ‘business’?

It came about that Precious Treasures will definitely play a part in the Lord’s ‘business’. It’s still an ongoing development but every ‘snippet’ of information He gives me brings me to a closer understanding of how everything will be. My creative work will still be very much a part of His plan for Precious Treasures, but all will be centred around sharing God’s Word….. and anything else He has in His plan.

Precious is His word for us to Treasure in our hearts.

God Bless

Elena Perrotta

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