Dec 062008


I’ve had a number of bloggers asking me if I knew where to buy prints of Our Lady of the Southern Cross. This beautiful painting of Our Lady has made a huge impression on many people. At the time of writing my post about the painting I didn’t know whether or not there were any prints available. I only had postcard size pictures given to me by a friend who was working in the WYD office in Sydney.

But recently I came across a blog Roses, Tea and Our Lady  which showed a photo of a child next to a framed picture of Our Lady of the Southern Cross so I enquired about it.

If anyone is wanting a print for themselves I have also found this picture at The Catholic Weekly

This is the specific link for the framed print of Our Lady of the Southern Cross.

I’ve ordered one for myself but I haven’t received it yet. They have had a high demand for this print so it’s taking approx. 5 weeks to delivery it.

I guess it’s only a matter of time before more sizes become available, but I can’t wait – I’m happy for this one to arrive 🙂

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  1. If you go to my blog, I’ve given you an award:)

  2. Do you sell Sacred Heart of Jesus?

  3. I don’t sell these prints but if you go to the link in this post you may find prints of the Sacred Heart of Jesus there.
    God Bless,

  4. I have just received my order of the framed print of “Our Lady of the Southern Cross” and it is just beautiful. I ordered it also through the form in the back of the Catholic Weekly (Sydney). It was $45 including delivery. It comes in a gold frame. Good value I think. Actually I ordered two so I could give one to my parents. Read more about the talented artist at

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