Jul 012009

Youth for Life Australia now has a web site. It’s only just gone live so more information will be added to each category as time goes on.

The youth of Australia are on fire with the fight against legalised abortion in Victoria. Their aim is to have an abortion free Australia and they will keep working on it until that goal is reached …. and beyond to keep it that way.  Here is an excerpt from their About Us page …..

Youth for Life is committed to educating this generation with the truth about human life and exposing the lies of the abortion industry. Our members are dedicated to activating this generation to take a stand for the most innocent of Australian citizens who are slaughtered every day by the abortion holocaust. Youth For Life understand the importance of training the youth of Australia and empowering them with the knowledge needed to combat the death camps of this nation. We will not allow apathy to grip Australia as innocent human beings are being killed in the name of choice. …… more

Please do visit Youth for Life and take a look around. This work is all voluntary by the youth. You may wish to support them in some way ….. prayers are always needed.

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