Oct 102008

Today is a day of mourning in the state of Victoria. The Legislative Council has passed the Reform of the Abortion Bill in parliament 23 – 17. It is difficult to sit here and type this as I know that a great deal work and prayer has gone into this fight. It’s a sad day for all the unborn and their mothers. The unsafest place to be now is in the mother’s womb. Those who voted for this Abortion Bill will have a lot to answer for and so will all abortionists.

The term ‘pro-choice’ is a farse … it’s contradictory. There is no choice for the unborn, there will be no choice for pro-life doctors and nurses, there will be no real choice for the women who have been lied to and mislead; and there will be no choice for all women who make the decision to abort their baby once all the symptoms set in and reoccur over the years. It will be these very women themselves, who wanted abortion legalised, who will cry out with anger “Why Didn’t You Tell Me The Truth About Abortion”

However, the fight is not over. Our prayers have not been lost. I believe that the Lord’s hand is upon it all and that He has His reasons for permitting this to go ahead. The Lord’s plan will unfold as time goes on. But we are not to be discouraged and we must continue the fight … with prayer and with the Lord’s guidance.

Wait and watch for what is to come.

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  1. It is indeed a very sad thing. Steve and I prayed the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary when we heard they were voting and it looked liked it would get through. We may have lost this battle but the final battle will be ours.

  2. Thank you Therese. I know that the prayers won’t be nothing – you are right in saying –
    “We may have lost this battle but the final battle will be ours.” … Amen

  3. We must continue to pray. God will have a plan in this … He has the final victory.

  4. Amen to that Francesca!

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