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On September 9th 2008, in the State parlaiment of Victoria, the debate to legalise abortion begins. You need to read The Abortion Law Reform Bill (Vic) 2008  to understand that it is an absolutely horrible legislation.

On September 6th Right to Life Australia has organised to march against this bill. Mark it on your calendar and organise your family, friends & supporters of all ages. This is not a time for being silent or hoping that ‘someone else’ will take care of things. It’s a time where our faith must be put into action. This debate is far too serious to ‘leave it to someone else’ to do the work to fight against it. Your voice must be heard.

The Freedom to be Born March will begin at 10.30am, Saturday September 6th.  Assemble at the Treasury Gardens – the Spring St. side.

Bring your own banners & placards or collect them from RTL on site on the day of the march.

The march is expected to finish approx 12.30 pm …. and the pro-abortion march will begin at 1pm.

This will be a peaceful march. If you can’t join the march, please pray.

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  1. Yes I took part in that march. It was nice to see such a mix of people in the pro-life rally: old, young, men, women, teenagers, children. It was also good to see that a few thousand turned up to protest against abortion while only about 150 turned up to protest for the leglisation of abortion… which they weren’t really doing, but instead just making fun of “Right to Life” Australia.
    Abortion is so wrong and people are so misinformed. Abortion produces two groups of victims: dead babies and wounded mothers.


  2. Good for you Vincent for standing up for what is right. It was nice to see many of the youth there too.

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