Oct 282008

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Yes, that’s right, it happened and this is just the beginning of what’s to come. I doubt this event will get much media coverage unless it’s short & negative towards pro-life movements – but it won’t be long before even the media won’t be able to ignore these demonstrations. Here is a brief article from The Australian online news titled Abortion protest hijacks safety showToday at Federation Square, Premier John Brumby unveiled a number of car wrecks to raise awareness of the tagedy of young lives lost on our roads each year. And it is a tragedy as many lives are cut short by these road accidents, most of them as a result of alcohol consumption and speed. Youth 4 Life saw this as an opportunity and so were also there to raise awareness of the loss of lives though the violent and horrific act of abortion. In 2007 the Victorian road toll reached 332 ….. how sad that people don’t realise that the abortion toll reaches 20,000 plus. If we are true to wanting to save lives then it should be across the board. You can’t pick and choose whose life is worth saving – everyone is worth saving, especially the lives of unborn babies.

It was a peaceful demonstration and all went well. The smirk on Mr. Brumby’s face will soon disappear though when he sees that this is not an isolated event attended by a handful of youth. He will constantly be reminded of the abortion toll and the effects it has on women. They will work zealously to re-criminalise abortion, and provide real help and support for women.

Youth for Australia are also taking part and are currently on a ‘recruiting drive’ for members. As this is going to be a nationwide initiative, youth Australia wide are welcome to join. However, we urgently need Melbourne (or from anywhere in Vic) youth (no real age limit) to sign up.

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  1. Thank you for your support

  2. How wonderful they were able to confront the Premier. I will pray that Youth for Australia increases in size and many young people will help with it.

    God bless

  3. Thank you Therese, that would great. Prayer is so important, especially when you’re doing the Lord’s work.

  4. Well done. Keep it up. We’ll keep praying for you too.

  5. We’ll pray for you too. I admire your courage for standing up for the unborn

  6. Thank you for your support

  7. This is wonderful thing to hear. I believe you will be sucessful because God is on your side and he will help you.

  8. Hmm, very cognitive post.
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  9. How loverly to see a another group of people coming up thinking that there morals are of a higher standard and that everyone else should kiss there feet and do what they say== This sounds familiar are yes = The TALIBAN also think they are the TRUTH == There is no differance in these groups thinking == Both stand on a box trying to get everyone to do what they want == The only differance is one group is further down the path of Oppression

  10. Yes, you are right, abortion IS leading us further down the path of Oppression

  11. That’s right Elena.

    @ Martin:
    The Nazis thought their morals were right and that they were justified in all they did. They considered some people as inferior and compared them to animals. Why is it that today if sombody is caught ripping a puppy or kitten to pieces and brutalising it, he/she would be prosecuted for animal cruelty. Yet when a baby with arms legs fingers toes eyes and everything else is pulled apart limb by limb, sucked out of the womb, have its head taken off its body and all chucked into a surgical bin and thrown away.. it is totally legal? Even babies at full term, just minutes away from being born having their brain sucked out?

    The facts that pro-lifers present, in such as that babies hearts beat on their own after just a couple weeks, that babies look like complete tiny humans at 8 weeks gestation, etc are true facts that doctors, scientists, and 3D ultrasounds have proven for us.

    The fact that most women suffer because of the physical/emotional difficulties as a result of having an abortion is also true and proven fact. Why is it that more and more women who have had an abortion are joining the pro-life cause?

    Everything has an opposite, right? Well we’ve got:
    Love – Hatred
    Hope – Dispair
    Peace – Violence
    Life – Death

    Women who go through abortion experience hatred and dispair. What happens to their babies is an extreme act of violence. Their innocent child dies and there is no happy result. Which column does abortion fit in I wonder?

  12. My mother would like to write to congratulate you using snail mail – Is there a mailing adress

  13. Hi Geraldine, Thank you for your comment. I would love to hear from your mother but would prefer to have her comment here.
    God Bless

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