Oct 062008

Archbishop Denis hart invited all pilgrims, their families and fellow parishioners to pilgrimage to the Cathedral for a special Mass to celebrate Melbourne’s participation in World Youth Day Sydney 2008. Our parish of St Anthony’s Glen Huntly made the pilgrimage from Richmond Station, walking through the gardens towards the Cathedral. We stopped along the way for prayer, and sang a few hymns as we walked on. We were blessed to have a beautiful day with clear blue skies – The Lord let the sun shine brightly on us.

We arrived early (2pm) because our Parish choir was to sing at the Cathedral and my son was invited to join the Cathedral band in playing the keyboard. After a quick bite for lunch the rest of us entered the Cathedral. It wasn’t long after that this beautiful church began filling up with pilgrims from all over Melbourne … and from some parts of Victoria.

By the time prayer and worship began at 3pm the Cathedral was full – an encouraging sight to see. Yes, we will begin to see the fruits of WYD08 as the youth are ‘On Fire’ and eager to follow on with the second part of the WYD08 theme ‘… and you will be my witnesses’.

Mass was celebrated by Archibishop Denis Hart, and concelebrated by Bishops Deakin, Prowse, Elliot and Costelloe, Rev Johnson and Nguyen; Priestes of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and Priests of Relgious Congregations. The Mass was awesome, the music beautiful and the people reverant and joyful.

We were All welcomed to stay aftewards for delicious foods, drinks and festivities.

You can read more about St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne – a beautiful building and among the largest Cathedrals in the world.


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  1. It sounds like you all had a wonderful day.

  2. It was great to meet up with WYD pilgrims again 🙂

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