Nov 092009


FOR TODAY… Monday 9th Nov.

Outside my window…… Bright blue sky, gorgeous sun shining down on us….. summer has started early for Melbourne. 

I am thinking……. Although summer is my favourite season, will I survive the heat wave this week?

I am praying for…… lots of things – guidance for son as he searches to purchase his first car; homeschooling families; healing for my ailments.

I am thankful for…… My Lord – knowing that He is always near and He will answer my prayers in His time.

From the learning rooms…… Praise the Lord in all circumstances, even if you don’t feel like it. (this is a repeat from the last daybook I wrote but it’s ongoing and it works) 

From the kitchen…… too hot to be cooking anything – there’s nothing happening at the moment but there will be salads & iced coffees coming out of there during the day. 

I am wearing…… black & white skirt with a swirly pattern; black singlet top & pretty pink floral thongs. 

I am creating…… invitations to my first clearance sale. 

I am going…… to a doctor’s appointment. 

I am hoping…… that all my aches will go away & that Noting new will pop up; that I can exercise self control & begin a healthy eating plan so as to lose weight … and do lots of walking – the easiest & no-cost form of exercising 🙂 

I am hearing…… the house creaking a little, lol. It’s funny because at this moment all is quiet – I can’t even hear traffic in the distance – maybe everyone is in hiding from the the heat?. 

Around the house…… floor needs sweeping & mopping; bathroom needs a good clean. 

One of my favourite things……  sipping a cool drink on a hot day while my feet dangle in cool water while sitting a shady tree 🙂 

A few plans for the rest of the week:…. Catch up on cleaning around the house – it’s a slow process at the moment but with the Lord’s help I’ll get there; begin setting up for my clearance sale which begins in 2 weeks; swine flu vaccination.



Here is a picture thought I am sharing…

… my little boy is now 18.


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  1. That is a beautiful cake. It’s 80 here. I’m cooking black-eyed peas and sweet potatoes for supper. I love salads. I hope your drs appointment goes well. Doylene

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