May 282009

boy-and-girl-with-pink-rose-bush1b.jpg  1.   I finally managed to paint the laundry door. The first side I painted turned out an awful job. I have been so out of pactice I forgot how to go about it properly. But Praise God, by the time I painted the other side I got it right and it looks great. Fortunately the good side is the side facing out which will be visible to everyone.

2.   I booked an appointment to take up a 3 Day Trial Offer with Contours. I’ve been procrastinating over exercising for way too long. My first session is booked for Thursday …. Yay!

3.   Shopping trips trips usually include time for coffee and cake or a sweet of some sort – whether I need it or not. On  Monday I stuck to my short shopping list and managed to do what I had to do without stopping for a coffee – not that stopping for a coffee is a bad thing, it’s what accompanies the coffee that isn’t always a good thing to do.


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  6 Responses to “Small Successes”

  1. I have the same affinity for coffee shops and the delicious pastries that are there.

  2. They’re hard to pass up sometimes especially if you’re feeling tired.

  3. Many Kudos to you!!!! Awesome, and God Bless!!!

  4. God Bess you too. Thank you for your visit – nice to meet you.

  5. Congrats! I know I’ll be hoping for such a success after the baby is born and I need to shift focus on to losing the baby weight….that bakery can always be so tempting. Nice to meet you. God Bless

  6. Thank you Katherine. Taking that first step can be the hardest. Once the new routine begins and you start feeling good it gets easier to lose that weight, get fit and maintain good health…… says me who has taken so long to get started, lol.

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