Feb 072010

On the first anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires, we solemnly remember the devastation caused by the fires around our State of Victoria.


We remember those who died, families who lost everything, the injured, the firefighters, the volunteers & all those affected. When a disaster like this one rears it’s ugly being it does affect the whole nation. ….. it’s almost unbelievable that something like this could happen.

Ferocious, wild, incomprhensible were some of the the words used to describe this event which is marked down as one of the worst fire in Australia’s history. The State recorded over 400 individual fires; Temperatures reached 45C; 173 live were lost; 414 people injured; 2029 homes were destroyed; the total loss of animal life is unknown…. the list is long.

So many have been profoundly affected, yet in the midst of a disaster something happens to humanity – we become ‘human’. We open our hearts and reach out to those in need. Many will actually forget themselves so that they can give of their time & energy to help all those affected; People will gather together to pray; and many will open their own homes to the needy.

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Today, we remember & pray for so many – Thank you dear Lord that you will comfort, heal, help, encourage and bless them all.