Oct 142009

Saturday the 10th October was the first anniversary of the Victorian Parliament passing the Abortion Law Reform Act – one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world. It’s a day we probably wouldn’t want to remember but we do because of the lives involved. In remembrance of this day a march was organised by  March For The Babies – their goal is to overturn this terrible law and provide full legal protection to our most vulnerable Victorians.

March for the Babies was established with the assistance of representatives from leading pro-life groups throughout Victoria. Our goal is to promote an annual day of remembrance and peaceful witness to affirm the right to life of every unborn child, assist women in crisis pregnancies and allow freedom of conscience for healthcare workers opposed to abortion

The march progressed peacefully from the Ftizroy Gardens along Flinders, Exhibition & Bourke streets towards Parliament House. Did you hear about it in the media? No? The media are not interested in giving air time to this matter nor are the newspapers. A march of this size is ignored …… However, the Pro-Life movement will not go away & pro-life activites will not stop. Eventually the public will learn the truth & the media will not be able to ignore this seriously imprtant issue.

More than 20,000 babies are killed in Victoria each year via abortion. This extreme Abortion Law Reform Act although passed in the State of Victoria does not isolate the remaining States & Territories from being next in line. Politicians are watching closely to see what happens here and how the people of Victoria react to this horrendous law.

Pro-Life movements have sprung up in huge numbers in victoria – I don’t know if having too many groups is a good or effective thing but one thing is for sure – we’re not going to sit quietly and forget about it …. and we won’t let the pro-abortion politicians forget about it either.

Following the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act, Life Vote was formed to campaign against the defeat pro-abortion MPs at the 2010 State election.   Hence the catch-cry Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote.

The numbers will increase as this cause will spread via word-of-mouth and the internet. Please visit the above web sites and offer your support in anyway possible.

Sep 082008

The Freedom to be Born march brought out a few thousand people last Saturday. A well organised and peaceful march through the streets of Melbourne’s CBD. It was lovely to see a great mumber of youth also taking part. There were many wonderful slogans to try and get the message across to women, pro-abortion groups and of course our State politicians –

Abortion has two victims: one dead and one wounded.

Abortion the Culture of Death

The Consequences of Abortions are Worse than you Think

Student Drs say Don’t Force Innocent Blood on our Hands

If you don’t want babies, don’t mate

Support mothers not abortion

We’re not allowed to kill a posum in our roof but we can kill a baby in the womb?

The pro-abortion group (I know they prefer to be called pro-choice but to me that sounds contradictory as the unborn has no choice) turned up as we gathered around the steps of Parliament House. They were a small group of only about 100 or so, and making a lot of noise. I believe they were due to have there gathering at 1pm but decided to gatecrash the pro-life one instead. Unfortunately their manners matched their character as Madeleine spoke giving her testimony of her abortion experience as a young teen. If only the pro-abortion group would have stopped to listen to her they may have picked up on her pain & suffering.

I met many beautiful people on the march. One young girl held up a sign which she explained – her little brother was born at 25 weeks, and he survived. He is now eight years old. If a baby can survive such a premature birth how can anyone say he is not a ‘human being’? 

We will continue to fight on for life and against the decriminalisation of abortion. We must also work at ‘educating’ people about abortion – the facts and consequences of this procedure as well as the fact that science proves that a baby IS a human being from conception and although he/she needs their mother’s womb they are independant of her.

I won’t go into discussion and facts as there are many wonderful web sites where one can research and learn more, and where women can also find support. Please take a look at some of them.