Feb 212009

Must be time to display another beautiful painting.

This one is titled Our Lady of the Angels

Our Lady of the Angels

by William Bouguereau

A copy of this beautiful painting is hanging in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels on the Holy Mountain of Praise in Carngham. It’s an exquisite artwork reproduced as a canvas print.

I don’t have any information on Our Lady of the Angels but I do know of a tiny little chapel in Assisi which stands inside a Basilica.

Early in his life about 1212, St. Francis of Assisi was given a small, ruined chapel by the Benedictines for his repair and eventual use near Assisi, where he later died. It was on a very small piece of property, a small portion—a ‘porziuncola’ in Italian. Later on, this place of worship became a centre of pilgrimage, devotion and repentance. A fresco was painted on the wall behind the altar depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary surrounded by angels. Thus the chapel, which is now surrounded and sheltered by a monumental Papal Basilica, took the name: ‘Saint Mary of the Angels at the Little Portion’.

Don’t you think this is a beautiful painting?

Oct 252008

I’ve added this beautiful picture to my sidebar. Painted by William Bouguereau in the late 19th century, this beautiful image depicts Our Lady holding the Christ Child in her right arm and a spotless lamb in her left.

William Bouguereau was a famous portrait artist born in La Rochelle France on November 30,1825. He followed the classical style of 16th century painters such as Raphael.

I don’t know a great deat about this artist but I certainly recognise many of his works. I’ve done a search to find out more but there are pages and pages to read. He completed a large number of works in his lifetime, some of which I wouldn’t post here for lack of modesty. I know that some people may cringe at my comment believing me to be unappreciative of his talent and of ‘art’ – far from it – his gift was an amazing one & his paintings are magnificent but I choose to select specific works of my liking.

L’Innocence (above) is one of them, and Song of the Angels (below) is another.

Song of the Angels
Oil on canvas

I will post more of his beautiful works in the days to come.