Jul 282008

It’s already 7 days since our return from WYD08 …. and I miss it. To say it was an amazing week in Sydney is an understatement. I felt part of one huge family as I walked around Sydney from one event to another. One of the beautiful things about WYD was seeing so many nationalities come together – all different in language and customs, but all one in faith because the Holy Spirit speaks one language. So we were all one heart in the Lord. Magnificent sights wherever we walked – a sea of people and flags, smiles and friendliness.

This week has been a time of recovery from sore feet and aching legs but more importantly it’s also been a time for reflection … although I believe the sharing of WYD experiences will be an ongoing thing, along with thoughts of the next international World Youth Day which will be held in Madrid in 2011.

The theme of WYD Sydney 2008 was –

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses”

As one pilgrim pointed out yesterday to a group of us gathering together – ‘WYD week may be over but we have only completed one part of WYD08 … and now we must continue on with second part’ He was referring to “… and you will be my witnesses”

It’s now time for all pilgrims who are returning home to be witnesses for Christ. They will carry the blessings of WYD to their families & communities. There will be many stories to share, friendships formed, and hearts touched. Now it’s time to spread the Lord’s peace, His love and His word to all we meet.

It has been a special time filled with love & a true sense of family in the Lord. So now, World Youth Day lives on in the hearts & lives of all who came and each will go forth bearing witness for the Lord ….. and preparing for WYD Madrid 2011.

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