Nov 162008

I know there are many beautiful people out there and it’s those honest and beautiful people that we don’t hear about because it’s not ‘sensational news’. I thank my God for these people all over the world.

The other day my son came home on the bus from a trip to the shops. He hadn’t noticed that he had dropped his wallet on the bus until he received a phone call. This phone call was from a lady in admin at Open University. Vincent didn’t have any ID in his wallet but he did have his Open Uni card (He’s not at uni yet but took open uni units in place of VCE subjects for year 12). The young adult who found his wallet went home but as there was no contact info he decided to phone Open Uni to tell them he had found Vincent’s wallet.

Isn’t that amazing. It shouldn’t be I know, it should be the ‘normal’ thing to do. My son didn’t have much in his wallet except a small amount of cash and a few cards which, as you know, any card that needs replacing usually brings on ‘headaches’ all around.

It was such a kind and honest thing for this young man to do. Vincent, on collecting his wallet later that evening, offered the young man (whom Vincent described as being around 18 yrs) the small amount of cash he had as a thank you – he was relieved and thankful that someone so honest found his wallet. He didn’t want to take it from Vincent but eventually he graciously accepted.

Many people will complain about our youth and I know there are many youth out there who are ‘lost’ and in need of prayer, help and guidance. We do hear about them in the media. It’s those lovely, honest, helpful youth we don’t here about – they are like the ‘quiet achievers’ who go about doing good unnoticed.

I think they are worthy of the acknowledgement of their good deeds from time to time, as an encouragement to them to keep doing good.

God Bless them and their families.

  5 Responses to “Honest People”

  1. It’s encouraging to hear these stories.

  2. I believe people are more honest than we tend to think. The news is so full of bad stories it’s easy to think everyone is bad & dishonest. It’s nice to hear about the honest ones.

  3. Yes, it is encouraging – and lovely to hear good things about young people 🙂

  4. It was a blessing for your son that his wallet was found by someone honest enough to return it to him.

  5. Thank you Bernadette.

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