Oct 202008

A newly formed pro-life youth group called Youth 4 Life has released their first pro-life video. My son, founder of Youth for Australia, was present at this march and has been in contact with this group. They are working together to wage war on Victorian politicians who voted for the decriminalisation of abortion. Both groups will continue to build up their memberships as each has their own aims and dreams …. the pro-life message is one they dearly share.

Youth 4 Life video

If you are a young Australian reading this post and would love to join in the fight against abortion then do visit these blogs and make contact. There is no formal memebership form (so far, as it’s early days), but let them know if you wish to add your name to their group. They can then contact you when an event is planned.
Those of you who are young at heart please pass the message on to any youth you know who would love to join them.

Youth for Australia
Youth 4 Life

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  1. Thank you for your visit. Will certainly drop by and visit you again! God Bless!!

  2. Lovely to hear from you Cathy. Thank you 🙂

  3. Youth 4 Life have done a great job with their first video. Perhaps they should send a copy to the media who ignored them and the politicians who voted for the bill to pass.

  4. Sounds like a good idea – we’ll have to suggest this to them.

  5. I saw the video on Vincent’s blog. I’m so impressed with the enthusiasm of these young adults …… and they mean business! I will do my best to spread the wrod around for them.

  6. Thanks for the post mum 🙂

    It’s great to see your friends visiting my blog too.

  7. I work for a Victorian politician who voted against further legitimising abortion in Victoria.

    Like me, my boss is saddened by the horrific crime that murdering babies – both male and female – represents.

    Perhaps what is saddest in the whole debate is that some female politicians, who have children themselves, voted to ensure that Victorians find it even easier to make a ‘decision’ to have an abortion.

    The visible distress of women who have been through an abortion, only to realise later that it was the wrong thing to do, is something that will never be erased by the strident chants of women like former Labor Premier, Joan Kirner and current Labor Minister Maxine Morand who both seem determined to ensure that more baby girls (and boys) are killed through an abortion.

    Keep up your courageous work!

  8. Thank you for your support & encouragement Mark – hope to hear from you again.
    God Bless, Elena

  9. Do you people ever think about the girls and/or women who have been raped and subsequently get pregnant?? They would not want to keep a product of this abuse!! Not all women who undergo an abortion are in any way pressured to have one. It is not always so black and white. Instead of concentrating on spreading your gruesome messages of the “babies” (aka embryos which have yet to form a conciousness) why not think about the poor women who have found themselves desperate and pregnant? Why should they have to endure the pressure and physically draining task of growing a person inside them?? Especially if they are resentful towards being pregnant in the first place? Who are you people to take the right to choose away from a woman?

  10. Hi Narcissa,
    It’s the whole picture that needs to be understood. This is not just a matter of a woman’s right to choose – where is the baby’s right to choose? It is not true that pro-lifers don’t care about the women – we care about them more than pro-abortionists would like to think. Where is the understanding of what happens to a woman after abortion? Why are medical and scientific facts swept aside (for both woman & bay) and totally ignored all for the sake of a ‘right to choose’.
    Yes, the whole picture needs to be understood even for rape victims. There are many testimonies from women who have had abortions who afterwards have become pro-life because of the horrible experiences they’ve suffered because of an abortion – because they were never given the full truth of what abortion does to a woman. Many women Are forced into it & have not been given a choice. For rape victims who get pregnant (& this is a small number) we understand the torment they go through … but there are other Choices – choices which are better for them than abortion.
    Abortion is not a quick fix, it never will be a ‘fix’, only the start of things to come. Abortion produces two victims, one dead and one alive. Unfortunately the consequences of abortion is a lifelong suffering, both physically and mentally for the 2nd victim who survived the abortion …. if you could call it ‘survival’.

    We do care.

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